This is a general blog update just what’s going on in my life at the moment so most people will find this boring but if you’re interested in my life and what’s going on, please read. 

I’m at very high point in my life at the moment. I am in my second year of Uni, living with my girlfriend, I recently upgraded my PC (which I did myself) I have pretty much everything I want at the moment in my life. Yet I find myself having this feeling of missing something and I think that can only be one thing. Motivation.

Last year when I got myself an assignment I would be excited to get on with it, I normally found myself getting an assignment done a few weeks before it was due just because i wanted to get it done. I gave myself a task last year to watch all of Stargate SG1 and I did it through motivation. I was excited to compose music with my DAW, Pro Tools, and enjoyed playing around with it all and trying new ideas. 

Yet this year, I find i’m not doing any work, I have a deadline in for 6 days time and I have done hardly any of it. I haven’t even opened Pro Tools while i’ve been here, I’ve played the piano no more than 5 times and spend most of my days just sat around playing games and watching T.V shows. I honestly don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. Is it that I don’t find my course interesting anymore? I feel like I WANT to compose, yet I don’t have any motivation to turn on my Mac and compose things. 

I can only think of one rational reason for this. It is the Mac. I have a new fast, amazing PC and if I want to do anything I have to turn on my Mac and completely change my work flow. And with regards to my work, that work is meant to be done with Logic…..and I HATE Logic and guess what, Logic only works on Macs (thanks Apple). The Mac could be a bit scape goat but it’s the only thing I can think of.

So as my blog as timestamp, I will say this. After I publish this post, I am going to get myself motivated. Get my Logic work done and out of the way so I don’t have to go on my Mac, and move Pro Tools over to my PC. I think this way I will be more willing to compose and do work if it’s all in one place. I also believe that if I get more motivated with my work, I will become more motivated with life as well. My work and music is very important to me and I think as I’m not motivated with that, it’s having an effect on my life. 

So, if you actually bothered reading this, thank you, if you can think of another way to get me motivated, please leave a comment. Even if this post is a few months old, go for it. I would love to here what everyone else does to get themselves motivated. 


7 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Motivation is a massive pain.
    Fore creative purposes, I can only suggest that you expose yourself to everything in the hope of inspiration. In a particularly space-ey mood? Watch, read and listen to sci-fi stuff, and do similar for other moods too.

  2. Wonder who anon is? email address is Baker…that mean anything to anyone?…..

    Luke, your words do sound motivational, but remember I am ALWAYS exposed to music, Pro Tools, Logic and I’m not motivated to do it still. Is that what you mean by exposing yourself?

  3. Write yourselves lists – ON POST ITS 🙂 I have plenty you can borrow 😉
    Motivation is a tricky thing and there will be days where you want to do diddly squat and pretty much do nothing – which is ok. But you, like everyone, has things that they need to be doing. Sometimes you just need to get on and do it. You may not want to but you just have to and get on with it. But another good way to get motivated, is to think about what you’re aiming for. You’ve done so well and you did amazingly in your first year. Think about what you want at the end of your degree and what you’re aspiring to. You can do this, I know you can!! 🙂

  4. Glad to say that I have actually become extremely motivated since I posted this blog. Full steam ahead with my work at the moment, let’s just hope this maintains it’s course 🙂

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