Owl City

Owl City is one of my primary inspirations to compose music. His style of composition and how he got into composing music is very similar to what I compose and am interested in. His composition style he stated once came about from composing instrumental pieces and then adding lyrics later. He loves music technology and now owns a private studio which is something I would love to do. Away from Adam, let’s talk about his best music.

Took this picture when I saw Owl City live

Took this picture when I saw Owl City live

Album – Maybe I’m Dreaming

It was actually a tricky decision to pick the best album but I have a very good reason for choosing Maybe I’m Dreaming which is his first. Owl City’s style has changed so much over the years that it made it hard to pin point what his best is. Maybe I’m Dreaming highlights Owl City, I think, at his best time. When it was just about writing good music for fun. It comes through in the album. Songs like ‘Sky Diver’ really show that instrumental music composing style he loves, same with ‘This is the Future’. Other songs like Technicolor Phase and Air Traffic really show where his style of mixing and lyrical style shines through, with his sweep panning and delayed vocals. I can listen to this album from start to finish without skipping and as I said earlier, it really does show Owl City at his best.

Spotify Link to album – Owl City – Maybe I’m Dreaming

Song – If My Heart Was House

This has to be his best song. It would be too cliché to say ‘Fireflies‘ and I don’t think that is his best song to be honest anyway. This comes from the Deluxe Ocean Eyes Album which I can’t believe isn’t available to purchase in the UK. The extra bonus songs are brilliant, Hello Seattle Remix is on my favourite EDM pieces to listen to. But away from the album and back to the song. The lyrical style sums up his random metaphorical writing style which I really enjoy. The whole whimsical writing style is what seperates Adam from other pop artists. Whereas mainstream pop is just music to give a catchy hook, his writing style is meant to have a crazy metaphorical meaning, and I love my metaphors.  The musical side is also brilliant, I love the drum sequencing throughout the whole piece and I wish I came up with the drum pattern myself. The synths flow so well together and throughout the chorus, the bass synth pounds out the speakers which gives me chills. The piano which comes in right after first chorus is truly beautiful.

Youtube Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dixKa4emCw


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