American Dollar

This will be my first post about an artist that I would categorize under my ‘Ambient’ artists. The main reason I am posting about American Dollar today is because I am currently listening to them. However, it is also quite relevant as these guys started my passion with the Ambient genre when I came across them whilst artist surfing on Spotify.

So without further ado, my favourite album by American Dollar

Album – Atlas

Atlas Album Cover

I think this is actually the first album I came across of theirs, though I’m not a hundred percent sure on that. What I love about this album is it’s ever changing themes. The first song could be related to an almost hip hop sound. The electric drums and the lopping of the piano riff. Great opener to an album as it jumps you right in. The second song is probably my second favourite song by American Dollar, The opening of the sequenced E piano synth, and then the elctronic drums and strings fade in with a drone building the song up…then bam! In come the acoustic drums and lead guitar. Fantastic post rock stuff! Man I do love this music…anyway, this whole album is full of this excitement throughout, I could talk about each track like this but I think it would be paragraph after paragraph of me just explaining the exciting parts. But this is why I love this album, great chilled listen, great ambient work and yet manages to get my blood pumping.

Spotify Link – The American Dollar – Atlas

Song – Starscapes

Ambient One Album includes Starscapes

This was a tricky decision as I love so many of their tracks. So why I chose this song? It sums up American Dollar’s sound. It doesn’t have the drums which I love about American Dollar but as an ambient song, it is their best.

What makes this song so great is that it sounds like it could have been mixed live. They could have easily just had loops on each channel fader and then faded in each section one at a time, adding effects as they went. The stereo field is amazing aswell, I find myself sometimes closing my eyes and losing myself in all these great sounds coming in around me from all angles. One other thing I really do admire about this song, is the organ sounds they used (could have possibly been an FM synth, but it has an organ timbre so I’ll assume it’s an organ), it is a very bold choice to have such an upfront sound like that in a very chilled song, yet it works so well. These big sounds are what I love about American Dollar, they know when to bring in big sounds like that without compromising the overall feel of the track.

Spotify Link – The American Dollar – Starscapes – Ambient

And so that brings me to the end of this blog post. I’m gunna sit here and carry on listening to American Dollar, I suggest you go and listen to them now…and just sit back, relax and let this music flow all around you…as that is what this music is intended for. And of course, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy it.


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