Bit of different post today, this is part of my personal blog section where I just talk about what’s going on in my mind and life. I got introduced to a Youtuber by the name of Boogie2988 by an old friend. At first I didn’t understand it, just seemed like some big guy talking about losing weight. Then I watched a few more videos by his Francis character and got into the more funny side of his channel, I then clicked subscribe. Ever since then I have watched almost every single video by him (there are nearly a thousand).

If you don’t know about Boogie2988 or haven’t seen any of his videos, I’ll post a load of links at the bottom of this post to my favourite videos and the videos that I talk about in this post. But why I am talking about Boogie today is because Boogie has had quite an influence on two of my views on; life in general and views on people who may be different from me. Not going to lie, but before I got into Boogie, I was quite homophobic, found overweight people disgusting and didn’t really take much time in caring about what I was necessarily doing with my life in terms of health and appreciation. Boogie actually changed my opinions on all this. It’s rediculous that I believed those things above but I did, and I can see now why that can be considered a wrong way of thinking. Just to clarify I don’t believe ANY of those things anymore.

I do owe Boogie a lot I think and it’s weird to think that his videos have become a part of my daily routine, going on Youtube and checking what his latest videos are. He doesn’t just talk about serious stuff, he does a lot of fun and funny videos, but he also talks a lot about games and the internet and I value his opinion so much.

Now the reason why this blog has come out today if because at the moment I feel Boogie needs a bit of support. Due to the changing nature of Youtube with the G+ integration, all the negative comments that he gets, relating to his weight mainly, now all appear at the top of the comments?! So all the nice comments get hidden away under all this horrible stuff. Yes he made a video saying that he looks past all these and that may be true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just a defensive mechanism. By sharing this blog I hope that I will attract more people to watch his videos and help support him in what he does. He always stressed how much of a rubbish life he’s had up until recently when he got married, so all these negative comments really aren’t going to help in what he’s going through.

So, my proposal is to click the links bellow and watch. Take particular notice of his ‘Draw my Life’ one mainly, you’ll see what I mean by a rubbish life. The second video will be to his latest video which you may agree with is a defensive mechanism by hey maybe I’m wrong. All the others are to my favourite videos by him. Hope you all like him and maybe if you like him enough, you too will subscribe to him and maybe he will change your life like Boogie has changed mine in a small way.

Links to Boogie’s Videos

Draw My Life

On the Topic of Viral Videos

Francis gets The New Furby

Francis HATES that Disney bought Star Wars

Fat Guy Destroys Xbox

Story Time, It’s the Food?!

Story Time, Sick and Nearly Dead

Story Time, What it’s like being broke

Will you Marry Me?



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