My name is Will. I am a musician, composer, sound engineer and producer. I am studying Audio and Music Production at Plymouth University. The instruments I can play include the piano, guitar, bass and drums. As I have had an interest in music production, and I am studying it, I also consider my skills with DAW’s as being an instrument. The DAW’s I can use include Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Sonar 7XL Home Studio. I listen to a massive variety of music in terms of genres. I listen classical, country, rock, metal, electronic, house, ambient, film music, synth pop, nu metal, game music, jazz, blues, rock ‘n roll and more.

As I am always heavily induced in music all the time I feel I have a fair say in what music sounds good, nothing to do in taste in music but in terms of production skill, musical theory and performance and general quality of sound. I spend a lot of my time exploring the internet, listening to the radio, and exploring music shops and almost every day I find a new artist or song I like.

The idea of this blog is to document my discoveries and share them with the world. I also would like to use this blog as a personal blog to share my current thoughts, opinions and what’s going on in my life and the world.


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