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Fancy photo of me in the studio recording the EP

Been quite busy this week with my music production. I had a friend come down to Plymouth to stay with me and finish up his EP he started with me earlier this year. Couple of issues along the way due to technical issues and issues regarding booking studio spaces at my Uni….but hey ho we got what we needed done at least.

Mixing the EP is coming along nicely. For the main track on the EP called “Tail Light City” been struggling to get a nice snappy warm snare sound for quite a while. Glad to say I think I finally got achieved that sound. It was not coming through due to a “pong” sound that was being produced when the snare skin resonated. Bit of EQ and that pong was a thing of the past. Also, been getting quite creative with my being a producer side of things for the EP. Trying different effects and techniques to get a better sound out of the song rather than straight mixing and tweaking. Will give details on the progress of the EP as time goes on.

I’ve also found this week I’ve been playing the piano a lot more than usual. Really enjoying playing some tunes I used to love to play a few years ago. I’m considering putting a few pieces together and getting a small EP of my own done with just covers on it.

Screenshot of my Mix

Screenshot of my Mix

Finally this week I’ve been working on a mix for a competition on Indaba Music. I heard about this competition because I noticed one of my lecturers had been listening to a few submissions’ on his facebook. It’s really quite fun being able to take a multi track and just straight mix. No client or assignment deadline hanging over your head, just artistic mixing to the best of my ability. It’s a shame I don’t have any fancy plug-ins yet, I had to mix everything with just the stock plug-ins of Pro Tools 11. Don’t get me wrong, the plug-ins are great on Pro Tools, but they are more tools and they lack a lot of character. On the other hand, I find you have to make use of the tools to create your OWN character rather than relying on the character of a plug-in by, for example, Waves. But at the end of the day, you don’t win with brownie points, you win by having the best overall sound. Chances are I won’t win, but I wanted to try and I’m hoping to get some constructive feedback from it. Please have a listen and, if you wish, vote for me. Please note, I do accept sympathy votes.

Link to Indaba Music Mixing Competition Submission –


The Console War

Ok so the PS4 and Xbox ONE have now both been released in America. People have been calling the battle of the “next generation” consoles a console war. People have been debating and debating what console they’ll be getting next, and it has come down to people basically insulting each other ,and their mothers, to get their “point” across. The truth of the matter is, the debates of features are pretty pointless. At the end of the day, people are just going to buy the console that all their closest friends have. It doesn’t matter whether the Xbox is basically now a sports box, it doesn’t matter that the PS4 is going to have the next Metal Gear title, it will come down to what your friends are having. Unless of course you don’t have any friends, then you’ll probably just get whatever one your mother will buy you for Christmas.

But I find it sad that no one has looked at the Wii U as a ” next generation” console. I think the Wii U has a lot of potential in what it offers. The games look fun, I like the whole living room experience it gives and it could serve as a brilliant multiplayer console for friends and family. But unfortunately Nintendo have dug themselves a hole here. They pushed away most of the “hardcore” fans away with the Wii and realised that now the only people who have a Wii only get it out at Christmas and for the rest of the year use it as a doorstop. As a result, when Nintendo decided to say “hey guys, it’s for hardcore gamers again” they had all moved on. That said, I still see myself getting a Wii U at some point…but that’s because I wanna play the next Zelda game and…pause for effect….SMASH BROTHERS!

We so excited

But really when it comes down to it, who has won the console war? None of the above. Because the fact of the matter is, the PC is still the best gaming platform. When the PS4, Xbox and Wii U are sold as “next generation” the PC has always been a generation ahead. The graphics are better, it’s faster, you can play all types of games, you can have all you games and social media in one place etc. “oh but some games are better with a controller” well I’ll just plug in my gamepad. “oh but what if you wanna chill on the sofa with a big TV” uh there’s a HDMI socket on the back of most PC’s nowadays, have you tried Minecraft on a 40″ TV? I have. And it’s EPIC. “Ok but there’s no motion sensor stuff!” you got me there, but you come back to me in about 6 months when that gimmicky crap has worn off and at the end of the day you just wanna lie on the sofa, drinking monster energy drink and play some crappy FPS. And of course with a PC, there’s no need for any of this Media stuff. Netflix, Spotify, Facebook , Twitter, Twitch Integration all mean NOTHING. As PC’s have had all that since…well…forever.

Then there’s the argument of cost. “a good gaming PC will cost you loads of money though, when a PS4 is only £350”. Well though this may be true let’s look at the big picture. If you’ve got a PS4-3 whatever, chances are you also have a laptop, probably priced around the £400 marker. Now add 350 and 400 together and you get 750. So if you instead opted that money all towards one PC you would have a £750 gaming PC. I would consider my PC a pretty powerful gaming PC and mine cost just over £600. SO when it comes down to it, PC is master race and it isn’t the “next generation” gaming console, it is always a generation ahead! SUCK IT NERDS!


Bit of different post today, this is part of my personal blog section where I just talk about what’s going on in my mind and life. I got introduced to a Youtuber by the name of Boogie2988 by an old friend. At first I didn’t understand it, just seemed like some big guy talking about losing weight. Then I watched a few more videos by his Francis character and got into the more funny side of his channel, I then clicked subscribe. Ever since then I have watched almost every single video by him (there are nearly a thousand).

If you don’t know about Boogie2988 or haven’t seen any of his videos, I’ll post a load of links at the bottom of this post to my favourite videos and the videos that I talk about in this post. But why I am talking about Boogie today is because Boogie has had quite an influence on two of my views on; life in general and views on people who may be different from me. Not going to lie, but before I got into Boogie, I was quite homophobic, found overweight people disgusting and didn’t really take much time in caring about what I was necessarily doing with my life in terms of health and appreciation. Boogie actually changed my opinions on all this. It’s rediculous that I believed those things above but I did, and I can see now why that can be considered a wrong way of thinking. Just to clarify I don’t believe ANY of those things anymore.

I do owe Boogie a lot I think and it’s weird to think that his videos have become a part of my daily routine, going on Youtube and checking what his latest videos are. He doesn’t just talk about serious stuff, he does a lot of fun and funny videos, but he also talks a lot about games and the internet and I value his opinion so much.

Now the reason why this blog has come out today if because at the moment I feel Boogie needs a bit of support. Due to the changing nature of Youtube with the G+ integration, all the negative comments that he gets, relating to his weight mainly, now all appear at the top of the comments?! So all the nice comments get hidden away under all this horrible stuff. Yes he made a video saying that he looks past all these and that may be true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just a defensive mechanism. By sharing this blog I hope that I will attract more people to watch his videos and help support him in what he does. He always stressed how much of a rubbish life he’s had up until recently when he got married, so all these negative comments really aren’t going to help in what he’s going through.

So, my proposal is to click the links bellow and watch. Take particular notice of his ‘Draw my Life’ one mainly, you’ll see what I mean by a rubbish life. The second video will be to his latest video which you may agree with is a defensive mechanism by hey maybe I’m wrong. All the others are to my favourite videos by him. Hope you all like him and maybe if you like him enough, you too will subscribe to him and maybe he will change your life like Boogie has changed mine in a small way.

Links to Boogie’s Videos

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This is a general blog update just what’s going on in my life at the moment so most people will find this boring but if you’re interested in my life and what’s going on, please read. 

I’m at very high point in my life at the moment. I am in my second year of Uni, living with my girlfriend, I recently upgraded my PC (which I did myself) I have pretty much everything I want at the moment in my life. Yet I find myself having this feeling of missing something and I think that can only be one thing. Motivation.

Last year when I got myself an assignment I would be excited to get on with it, I normally found myself getting an assignment done a few weeks before it was due just because i wanted to get it done. I gave myself a task last year to watch all of Stargate SG1 and I did it through motivation. I was excited to compose music with my DAW, Pro Tools, and enjoyed playing around with it all and trying new ideas. 

Yet this year, I find i’m not doing any work, I have a deadline in for 6 days time and I have done hardly any of it. I haven’t even opened Pro Tools while i’ve been here, I’ve played the piano no more than 5 times and spend most of my days just sat around playing games and watching T.V shows. I honestly don’t know where I’ve gone wrong. Is it that I don’t find my course interesting anymore? I feel like I WANT to compose, yet I don’t have any motivation to turn on my Mac and compose things. 

I can only think of one rational reason for this. It is the Mac. I have a new fast, amazing PC and if I want to do anything I have to turn on my Mac and completely change my work flow. And with regards to my work, that work is meant to be done with Logic…..and I HATE Logic and guess what, Logic only works on Macs (thanks Apple). The Mac could be a bit scape goat but it’s the only thing I can think of.

So as my blog as timestamp, I will say this. After I publish this post, I am going to get myself motivated. Get my Logic work done and out of the way so I don’t have to go on my Mac, and move Pro Tools over to my PC. I think this way I will be more willing to compose and do work if it’s all in one place. I also believe that if I get more motivated with my work, I will become more motivated with life as well. My work and music is very important to me and I think as I’m not motivated with that, it’s having an effect on my life. 

So, if you actually bothered reading this, thank you, if you can think of another way to get me motivated, please leave a comment. Even if this post is a few months old, go for it. I would love to here what everyone else does to get themselves motivated. 

My blog

This blog is created mainly document my findings in artists and music I find. Through this blog you should be able to find a collection of songs, albums and artists I enjoy. This is the main plan for this blog and I hope it keeps up to it’s name.