DAWs Part 2

Continuing from my last DAWs post, I shall be discussing only one DAW, as I’m afraid it is going to take up a whole post. I have a lot passion to not liking Logic. Now I know a LOT of people will disagree with this post, so hear me out when I say this is MY opinion, you can’t convince me otherwise as I am just that stubborn on the subject. So if you plan on commenting your hatred towards my blog post about how Logic is “amazing” don’t waste your time, unless you have something genuine to comment on my post.

Apple’s Logic

Apple Logic 9 typical screen

I first came across Logic at University. When I first heard I was going to be using  Logic I was quite excited. I had heard so many good things about Logic; it’s ease of use, how creative you can be with it, it’s huge  bundle of plug-ins and instruments and more recently priced very reasonably at £130. By this time I had used Sonar and Pro Tools quite heavily, so I’d say I was quite experienced when it came to using DAWs.

Now when I eventually did use Logic…wow….it was really not nice to use. That’s all I can say without blurting out random curse words. I don’t like the workflow, the plug-ins weren’t good (will go in more depth in a bit), and really using it didn’t make me feel creative at all because I spent so much time trying to figure out things, which normally helps with my creativity but this held me back.

Starting with the workflow. It feels like Apple Logic was designed mainly for laptops. This should be a good thing but not when I don’t use laptops, I use a desktop. The edit screen is the main window and then the mix, MIDI editor and Sample Editor are all squashed at the bottom. You can tweak this around to fit your structure I know but this is the initial view Logic first gives you, most other DAWs will give you the option to customize it like that, not have it all ready customized like that. This is all to optimize for touchpad use on a Macbook, and all the tools are in in drop down menus and built to make use of the command key to do any editing, selecting or drawing etc. This is just crap and inpractical if you use a mouse and you spend all your time dragging your mouse around the screen.

Now with the plug-ins. With the instruments I feel they are full of a lot of bloat settings. The default settings have too much done to them, and with all these “fancy” switches and buttons crammed into the plug-in it’s hard to work around. Then with the dynamic plug-ins like compressors and EQ, you really have to push them to the limit to get them to do anything.

Going back to the workflow, Logic feels very immature. The right side of the screen is full of all these default instruments that when you open, it will create an instrument channel with compressors and delays and all sorts. Even when you open an instrument channel and you specifically select an instrument it does this. Logic is always trying to do things for you. THAT is frustrating. Even little things like making a send to a bus, it will try and help you by making the channel for you and adding settings. No Logic, let me do that myself so I can control the parameters please. And if that was considered “immature”, with the brief 15 minutes I tried Logic Pro X, it’s even worse! To bypass a channel (this basically turns that app off to compare settings) there is a little off switch….an off switch….are we all 5 years old? What happened to a button that specifically said ‘Bypass’.

Finally the last thing that I don’t like about Logic is it’s owners. Apple has made Apple Logic ONLY for Mac. That grinds my gears. Even though I don’t like a Logic I know plenty of people that do and as a result they specifically buy Macs just so they can use it. For goodness sake just let PC users have it. They used to, it’s just dickey.

I feel I should say something good about Logic thought. The Logic Environment is pretty cool as you can create all sorts of complicated instruments and creative tools for live use. Actually if Apple sold the Logic Environment as a separate product, I do think I would get that as it works very well and is incredibly useful…..um….and the EQ has an analyzer which I’ve used a few times….AND that is the good features of Logic.

One my early sessions of the Logic Environment

So yeah that is my opinion on Logic. And don’t think I haven’t had my fair share of using Logic, I have used Logic for a lot of my Uni tasks because I have had to. I have a lot of experience with Logic and the short answer is, I don’t like Logic and I can’t wait to finish University and hopefully never have to use Logic again.

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