The Console War

Ok so the PS4 and Xbox ONE have now both been released in America. People have been calling the battle of the “next generation” consoles a console war. People have been debating and debating what console they’ll be getting next, and it has come down to people basically insulting each other ,and their mothers, to get their “point” across. The truth of the matter is, the debates of features are pretty pointless. At the end of the day, people are just going to buy the console that all their closest friends have. It doesn’t matter whether the Xbox is basically now a sports box, it doesn’t matter that the PS4 is going to have the next Metal Gear title, it will come down to what your friends are having. Unless of course you don’t have any friends, then you’ll probably just get whatever one your mother will buy you for Christmas.

But I find it sad that no one has looked at the Wii U as a ” next generation” console. I think the Wii U has a lot of potential in what it offers. The games look fun, I like the whole living room experience it gives and it could serve as a brilliant multiplayer console for friends and family. But unfortunately Nintendo have dug themselves a hole here. They pushed away most of the “hardcore” fans away with the Wii and realised that now the only people who have a Wii only get it out at Christmas and for the rest of the year use it as a doorstop. As a result, when Nintendo decided to say “hey guys, it’s for hardcore gamers again” they had all moved on. That said, I still see myself getting a Wii U at some point…but that’s because I wanna play the next Zelda game and…pause for effect….SMASH BROTHERS!

We so excited

But really when it comes down to it, who has won the console war? None of the above. Because the fact of the matter is, the PC is still the best gaming platform. When the PS4, Xbox and Wii U are sold as “next generation” the PC has always been a generation ahead. The graphics are better, it’s faster, you can play all types of games, you can have all you games and social media in one place etc. “oh but some games are better with a controller” well I’ll just plug in my gamepad. “oh but what if you wanna chill on the sofa with a big TV” uh there’s a HDMI socket on the back of most PC’s nowadays, have you tried Minecraft on a 40″ TV? I have. And it’s EPIC. “Ok but there’s no motion sensor stuff!” you got me there, but you come back to me in about 6 months when that gimmicky crap has worn off and at the end of the day you just wanna lie on the sofa, drinking monster energy drink and play some crappy FPS. And of course with a PC, there’s no need for any of this Media stuff. Netflix, Spotify, Facebook , Twitter, Twitch Integration all mean NOTHING. As PC’s have had all that since…well…forever.

Then there’s the argument of cost. “a good gaming PC will cost you loads of money though, when a PS4 is only £350”. Well though this may be true let’s look at the big picture. If you’ve got a PS4-3 whatever, chances are you also have a laptop, probably priced around the £400 marker. Now add 350 and 400 together and you get 750. So if you instead opted that money all towards one PC you would have a £750 gaming PC. I would consider my PC a pretty powerful gaming PC and mine cost just over £600. SO when it comes down to it, PC is master race and it isn’t the “next generation” gaming console, it is always a generation ahead! SUCK IT NERDS!