Dark Captain Light Captain

As my blog is meant to be about logging my “Music Discovery’s” I thought today maybe I should start logging that. For a few days I have been listening to this band called ‘Dark Captain Light Captain’ so I thought I’d share their work with you guys.

Album Cover

Album – Miracle Kicker

Their best album is an easy choice as they only have one album and three EPs. This album really is great though. The style of ‘Dark Captain Light Captain’ is atmospheric acoustic, and there music fits very firmly in that category. The acoustic guitar is played brilliantly and is recorded in a very nice stereo field. The vocals are recorded using a technique called Double Tracking which is when you record the vocal line,  then you record another take of the vocal line and layer it on top of the other vocal line to get this double tracking effect, famously used by the Beatles. What I like about the way their vocals are is that they sound so similar to Sigur Rós. Anyway, away from the techy side of things, the music is phenomenal. The overall sound is so atmospheric and relaxing but I do also find myself bobbing my head a long to their tunes, they are in fact quite catchy. The instrument choice is so good aswell. They use mainly acoustic guitar, bass and drums but in some of the songs I do catch some organs, electric guitar and even the odd synth….it really is such a great sound.

Song – Jealous Enemies

This is the first song I heard by them and is the first song on the their album…and it is easily my favourite. I love the minimalistic style this is composed in and the vocals really do give a great atmospheric effect. What I said earlier about their music being catchy…I was mainly referring to this song. I findd myself tapping along and humming the tune even when it’s not being played. The drums sound great also, not sure what it is. Either the drum playing is just really groovy or they used a really nice compressor on the snare or maybe both.

Anyway, not an awful lot I can say about these guys, only thing I can say is that I suggest you go off and listen to their stuff. It’s so good, and I really hope they release some more stuff as this album came out 5 years ago. Safe to say they are due for a new album.

Spotify Link to album – Dark Captain Light Captain – Miracle Kicker